Computer Recycling.

If you or your company happen to care for the environment and you also happen to be in need of getting rid of some electronics then you should seriously consider RAKI electronic recycling. RAKI electronic recycling has been around for over twenty five years. That means that they have the know how to have stayed in business by being ethical and fair in their dealings. RAKI electronic recycling, holds the highest certifications in the electronic waste business including R2, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. The RAKI electronic recycling facility is an EPA approved building and also holds the Texas commission on environmental quality. So if you or your company have are looking to make a long term contract call and schedule a visit to the RAKI electronic recycling facilities so that you can get the grand tour of the facility and get familiar with the process which undergoes the electronics that they recycle.

RAKI electronic recycling will work with you to make sure you understand what the cost of your computer recycling contract may cost you, which is why they offer free estimates. There are many things that affect the cost of recycling your surplus electronic pieces, some of these factors are the kind of electronic that needs to be disposed of and obviously how much of it or how many of them need to be recycled as well as where the particular electronic in question is in relation to the facilities at RAKI electronic recycling. So if you’re in need of disposing of a large amount of electronics because your company just recently upgraded or for whatever other reason then we suggest you contact RAKI electronic recycling they will help you and even reimburse you for the precious metals found in electronics or for the pieces that may still be usable and be able to be resold.

Also remember that if need be RAKI electronic recycling can also help you dispose of your data as they also offer computer data destruction. Even after you delete the information from your hard drive it is possible for someone using the right software to access it and be able to get at that information, RAKI electronic recycling uses the department of defense protocol for deleting all the information from your hard drives by wiping the information from your hard drive three times and using a verifying software after each use to make sure that is the data is either deleted outright or corrupted to such a degree that you would not be able to recover it from the hard drive anyways. Though it is rare it can and has happened before that data has stayed in the system even after the three step wiping process so to ensure that no one can get to your data and your information will be safe at RAKI electronic recycling they can also dispose of your hard drives physically. Physical data destruction is also cheaper than fully disposing of data but again physical destruction means you’re not getting that hard drive back.